When do we need to get a pump out?

Why Get A Pump out?

The average family house hold of four will have a tank approximately 1000 Gallons in size. The tank is connected to a distribution box that disperses the fluids out to the septic field. What remains in the tank is the effluent or FOG layers (Fats, Oils, Grease). Naturally with use, over the years these layers will build up and eventually they will need to be cleaned out so not to clog the lines and potentially cause a back up. The industry standard recommends a pump out should happen every 5 to 7 years depending on use. Prolonged neglect could mean that wastes are getting into the septic field, killing the good bacteria that process the contaminants in the waste water.

For more information about best management of a septic system, contact us today or follow the link below for recommendations from Government of British Columbia's Ministry of Environment.

Watch the three part video series below to learn more.

1) How Septic Systems Work

This video, published by CRDVictoria, explains how your typical residential septic system works.

2) What Can Go Wrong ...

This video, published by CRDVictoria, explains what could potentially go wrong with your residential septic system if not properly maintained.

3) Operating and Maintaining

This video, published by CRDVictoria in 2013, explains the industry standards of residential septic system operation and maintenance.

(Edit: Industry standard practice today is to pump every 5 to 7 years).

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