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High Water Alarm After Power Outage?

Updated: May 10, 2023

Septic Alarm

Are you getting a high water alarm after a power outage?

Has power been restored and the control panel that is connected to your septic treatment plant in alarm mode?

No need to panic... yet. In most cases the wastewater in your treatment plant has accumulated to its "critical mass" level. Without power to cycle the pump, the water level continues to rise. During power outages it is important to MINIMIZE your water usage!

When power is restored, if your alarm sounds, please give your system time to pump the effluents to the dispersal field. Some alarms have a mute function. This will allow you to cancel the audible horn and visually monitor the alarm by the "red" light. If your alarm has not cancelled out within an hour of power being restored, time to contact your maintenance provider in order to diagnose the issue.

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